Coulthard Cleaning Services - Carpet Cleaning Cumbria

Here at Coulthard's Cleaning Services we are well known for our high standard of carpet cleaning at a fantastic price! We cover a wide area of Cumbria and guarantee to leave your carpets looking new, saving you money, rather than having to buy new carpets.

Not only will your carpets look great after a clean, clean carpets promote a healthy environment and improve air quality your family and not forgetting pets.

What to remember is that carpets act as a filter for the air in your home, they filter out pollens and other allergens. Coulthard's carpet cleaning service removes all these along with any house mites, skin cells and the dirt and mud brought in from outside.

To keep carpets in good shape and to reduce wear they should be cleaned regularly. Coulthard Cleaning Services only uses the best hot water extraction equipment. The water extraction will clean your carpets deeper than shampooing and dry cleaning which only clean the surface.

We recommend carpets to be washed at least once a year. However, If you're a smoker or have pets then we recommend carpets to be washed twice a year.

Areas we cover for this service include:

Carpet Cleaning Wigton - Carpet Cleaning Silloth - Carpet Cleaning Carlisle - Carpet Cleaning Workington - Carpet Cleaning Whitehaven - Carpet Cleaning Aspatria